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Thank you for visiting our E-Membership page!  The E-Membership is a virtual church experience designed to cater to those that are not able to join us in service while being in person. We have developed an experience that allows users to join the service on desktop, mobile and tablet devices as well thru our Church at The Well Kansas City app.

Become an e-Member

Are you in between church homes and need a place to join with like believers? If so we invite you to join the covering of our eChurch . We can’t replace your home church that you locally attended but until you find a new one, we invite you to stay connected to our eChurch body.


Here are the benefits of becoming an e-member:

  • Exclusive eMember updates

  • Connect with countless others who are apart of "The Well Kansas City"  eMembership

  • Weekly inspiration through The Church at The Well Kansas City Live Streaming Network

  • Fellowship with a group of believers that will encourage and equip you for Life’s journey

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